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School Closure

Procedures in the event of snow / school closure

Mr Smith, our Caretaker, will be on duty every morning from 7a.m. As he lives on site he is able to assess the safety of the school site and, in consultation with Mr Bowyer, will decide whether (a) the school will open or (b) there will be a delayed start. If there are sufficient staff members able to travel into school to ensure the safety of the pupils and the site is made safe, the school will open.

If a decision is made to open later than the normal time, a team of local staff members will come into the school for 8a.m. to supervise any children that may have been brought in early to attend a before school club and to publish notices of our decision to the parents on the answer machine, website, VLE, secure area on Essex Schools Infolink (see below) and on the school notice board. Mrs Mahr will send out a message via Parentmail, however if she is unavailable this will also be sent out by the team.

A notification will be added to a live feed on the emergency school closures page on Essex County Council's website at:


This feed will continue to update as notifications of school closures are received. The page will refresh at 6pm each evening and closure lists for the next day will then go live. Essex radio stations have always been extremely helpful in not only listing school closures online, but also using their airtime to keep people informed. They will continue to support us in getting vital school closure messages out in as many ways as possible, including signposting listeners to the school closures page on the council's website.

If the school is not to open Mrs Bergamini, Mrs King and Mrs Copson only will come into school to ensure no children have been brought in and to publish the various notices.

If the weather changes during the day and early closure is necessary, parents will be informed via Parentmail, text message (for those parents who have specifically provided details for this service) or by telephone.​