Boreham Primary School
A Friendship School

"Daring to aim high, scale new heights, spread our wings and fly far"

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Values and Ethos


At Boreham Primary School we believe that diversity is a strength which

should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.




 - achieve the highest academic standards possible for each pupil.

 - help  each and every child become a valued member of the school community.

 - nurture high self-esteem and a positive self image so that individuals can maximise the educational opportunities offered to them.

 - identify individual needs at the earliest opportunity and give a considered response to them.

 - give equal opportunities to all.

 - ensure a successful match between the learning needs of every child and the educational provision each is given.

 - provide a differentiated curriculum and varied teaching styles to meet the range of pupil’s educational needs.

 - help pupils understand the world around them and to develop a respect for the legitimate religious and moral values of others in a multi ethnic society.

 - encourage pupils to develop lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and the confidence to apply themselves to a variety of tasks and giving opportunities for creative expression.

 - foster a productive working relationship between home and school to give optimum educational opportunities for each pupil.

 - provide a happy school with a safe, caring, stimulating and attractive environment.



Our Core Values


Respect – We respect each other as individuals and our school environment.


Excellence – We always try our very best!


Friendship – Our friendship school supports and cares for everybody.


Determination – We never give up even when things are difficult.


Courage – We show strength and are not afraid to get things wrong.


Equality – We give everybody the same opportunity to succeed.


Inspiration – We celebrate everybody’s successes and learn from each other.



All members of our school community are expected to model our core values on a daily basis. Children can assess their own ability to recognise their own life skills in their day to day learning. We believe our core values support the well-being of our children and also their capacity to live in a modern Britain.


More information about our British and Global Learning Values can be found here.