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Helping Your Child

Early Reading Information

The Times Educational Supplement and the National Association for the Teaching of English ran a survey to find teachers' top 100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school. Here are the results.

Recommended Reads​


​This list includes books that we would fully recommend as excellent books for children to read in Upper Key Stage 2. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but provides a wide selection of quality children’s literature. Click below for the list.

Word Workshop


At Boreham school our own school-based programme is used to deliver phonics to all pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1.  This is called Word Workshop and is a combination of two systematic synthetic phonics programmes: Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds.


Word Workshop takes place daily to maintain regular phonics teaching and provide similar structure in every classroom to ensure continuity and progression.


The session preferably takes place immediately after lunch and lasts around 20 minutes.  It is taught with enthusiasm and pace, ensuring key elements of Review, Teach, Practise and Apply.


Continuity of environmental resources is also ensured.  In classrooms, tricky words and decodable  words are displayed by the interactive white board so that, as children change year groups, they are familiar with the layout of the room and can feel secure reading and accessing the walls.


Tricky words are displayed on a ‘Monster’ board, as they can be regarded as a little ‘scary’ as they cannot be sounded out using sound buttons.  Decodable key words for Phases 2-5 are displayed in alphabetical order on a ‘Sunny’ board as they are ‘friendlier’ as they can be sounded out easily using sound buttons and finger phonics.  There is also an Alphabet display near the interactive white board.


Further information is available in Word Workshop Phonic Sessions.


Teaching phonics in EYFS at Boreham school will help you support your child when reading at home.

Hearing your child read at home

Below are presentations used in the Parent Information Reading workshop

Mental Maths Games

These are some examples of websites which can be used to support your children in developing their mental maths skills. We do hope that you find them useful.



Many of these maths games are against the clock which helps develop pace when calculating.



Maths mission style single game to practise mental calculations.



Lots of ideas for games and activities, covering 5-11 years.



Quizzes covering KS2. Multiple choice answers.



A wide range of free math games, interactive learning activities and fun educational resources.



Timed mental maths quizzes, Years 1-6.



A collection of metal maths short activities, designed as lesson starters, covering a variety of topics. Age range is KS3, however KS2 can access some of them and they are good as challenges.



Covering a variety of topics and ages.


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