Our School

Boreham Primary School is a village school with over 200 children on roll. We pride ourselves on working together with parents and children to ensure a happy learning relationship for all pupils.

Our governors, staff and pupils make Boreham Primary School a pleasure to be part of, with shared principles of friendship, trust and mutual respect leading to high achievement.

School security is a priority and the grounds are a very safe place for children to learn and play.  We are a school that cares about all those in our community.   All the staff of the school, both teaching and non-teaching, are very conscious of their pastoral responsibilities.  High expectations and the happiness and well being of the children are at the centre of our vision.

Standards of achievement are very important to us. We put great store by hard work, caring attitudes, honesty, truthfulness, loyalty and pride in ourselves as well as in our school.

As parents, you will, from time to time, have occasion to want to come into school to discuss with me, or a member of staff, some aspect of your child's life at school. On these occasions please contact the school office in order that an appointment can be arranged for a mutually convenient time.


You are always welcome at the school, whatever your reasons for coming in. The doors of our ‘friendship’ school are open to you.


Mr Ian Bowyer

Head Teacher


Our Staff

All members of staff at Boreham Primary School are committed to providing the very best opportunities for each child to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Meet the Boreham Primary School Fund Raising Committee and join in with our F@B Team

Being a School Governor is a very rewarding role and is an opportunity for an individual to put something back into the community and make a difference.

Interested in becoming a primary teacher?

 Why not train with us?


School Information

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School Brochure

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Performance Tables

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Pupil Premium

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A Good Learner at Boreham

At Boreham Primary School the children and staff have devised a set of learning values that we all aspire to follow to support our learning on a daily basis.

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SEND Information Report

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School Attainment

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PPG Parent Guide

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Ofsted Inspection Report

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Inappropriate use of social media websites

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