Meet Susan The Dragon

To celebrate the millennium the villagers of Boreham were involved in two projects; a timeline mosaic, displayed in the village hall, and a large dragon sculpture, sited in our school grounds. Every pupil and member of staff at the time produced a tile, cemented onto her base, and the whole project was celebrated by the enactment of twelve historical scenes at the village hall prior to a procession to the school for the unveiling of the dragon and a grand firework display.

Susan has remained in our playground ever since, and has recently been refurbished thanks to the support of a small group of villagers. She now supports the children in their understanding of our school values – friendship, courage, determination, excellence, respect, equality and inspiration.  When seven eggs were discovered in our playground each class was given the task of decoding the message on it and then designing the dragon they thought was growing inside. From these designs we now have seven dragons whose characteristics represent our values, the attributes of which can be used to support the children’s learning, and which are recognised by the use of value vases in the younger children’s classes. Work on dragons; be it in English, maths or the creative curriculum is also planned throughout the year groups as is a focus on each of the values through PSHE and assembly themes.

Susan the Dragon Story Book

"Daring to aim high, scale new heights, spread our wings and fly far"