Homework Timetable

At Boreham, all children are encouraged to undertake regular homework e.g. reading, learning spellings, learning times tables and sometimes research related to their year group topic. Half termly homework tasks are set by the class teacher, which encourage children to select their own tasks to complete and covers many subject areas within the national curriculum. On your child's class page, you will also find a range of apps to support your child's learning at home such as: Times Tables Rock Stars, Spelllzone and Language Nut.

We encourage parents to be involved in and supportive of the work the children do at home and take an interest in their achievements.

Homework offers a child the chance to become an independent learner and to practise skills learned in the classroom, thereby increasing knowledge and understanding. Homework is an important opportunity for parents to take part in their child’s learning. Where parents take an interest in their child’s work and help with it at home, those children will make progress.

Homework can generate a variety of worthwhile learning experiences additional to those provided in school. Examples would be: obtaining information from around the home or from friends and relatives, discovering extra information, drawing, writing a book review, solving problems and puzzles. Homework can also provide extra time to practise skills learnt in school.

Further information about homework can be found by visiting your child’s class page for Year groups 1-6.

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