Safeguarding Children

We are a friendship school that cares about all those in our community. All the staff of the school, both teaching and non-teaching, are very conscious of their pastoral responsibilities. High expectations and the happiness and well-being of the children are at the centre of our vision.

Boreham Primary School views the safety and welfare of all its children as of paramount importance. The school recognises that effective child protection work requires sound procedures; good inter-agency co-operation and a work force that is competent and confident in responding to child protection situations.

Individual class charters and our seven school values clearly state how we will behave in school, how we will treat others and how we should be treated ourselves. Our School Council, Year 6 Lunchtime Buddy and Play Leader Mentoring programme and our Buddy system underpin this ethos.

Our special rule is:

‘Hurt body, hurt feelings, tell a grown up’

Children are encouraged to have the courage to tell the adults working in our school if they have a problem.

Child Protection PolicySafe School Policy

Bullying in School

There are times in all schools when ‘bullying’ (children being particularly unkind to each other over a period of time) will occur. If you suspect that your child is being ‘bullied’ please let us know. We can only deal with those incidents of which we are aware.

We know that some children will enjoy the feeling of 'power over others' and recognise that a proper school ethos and sensitivity in dealing with both parties are important in concluding such matters. Parents (of both or all parties) will be informed of these incidents by the Head Teacher or one of the Senior Leadership Team.

All incidents are carefully recorded in a Bullying Log which is securely stored in the Head Teacher’s office.

Positive Behaviour Management PolicyAnti-Bullying PolicyWe are confident that we can work in partnership with parents and carers to resolve these situations effectively and successfully.


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