Friendship School

Boreham School Council share their views on what it means to them to be part of a friendship school:

''If you're feeling lonely at playtime or lunchtime then there's Friendship Stops on the playground.  If you wait by one someone will come over to keep you company or play a game." Libbie; Year 6

"We have the motto - hurt body, hurt feelings, tell a grown-up.  We know an adult will help if we speak to them." Erik; Year 3

"All of Year 6 are trained Buddy Mentors.  We are able to help resolve friendship issues and start games if you are feeling lonely.  We all accept people for who they are and we celebrate similarities and differences." Isabel; Year 6

"We celebrate each other's successes." Eric and Phoebe; Year 3

"We encourage pupils to fulfil their dreams and we work together to support one another in a friendly way." Casper; Year 6

"When I joined the school in Year 3, children and staff made me feel really welcome.  I had people who wanted to play with me and I felt happy and relieved to be a part of a nice school community." Freddie; Year 6

"Buddy groups give us connections with pupils throughout the school." Libbie; Year 6