Music Curriculum Statement of Intent

At Boreham Primary School we aim to make music an enjoyable learning experience for all children. We teach the children how to work with others to compose music and perform for an audience. We want children to feel safe exploring and performing music, making each individual a valued part of something bigger, through class work, school performances and wider experiences, developing their confidence as performers. Our intention for the children is to develop their acquired skills year on year with both ‘topic lead’ and discrete lessons. We aim for children to be able to recognise music as an outlet for self-expression, see its potential to use music as a tool to self-regulate, enabling them to identify feelings and moods and distinguish layers and textures in music and later recognise how these skills can be linked to our own wellbeing. As children develop their understanding of the factors that influence music we hope to foster in them a respect for music’s place in the arts and other cultures.

Aims and Impact

The Music curriculum at Boreham Primary School aims to:

 Promote a love of music and singing across a broad curriculum.

 Nurture children's confidence as performers and composers.

 Provide opportunities for children to learn how to play a variety of percussion and tuned instruments.

 Use music as a vehicle for wellbeing as well as develop children's understanding and respect for music's place in the arts and other cultures.

Celebrating Music At Boreham Primary School

We celebrate and learn about music, performance, and respect of others and other cultures. Children perform to one another and our wider community in class assemblies, concerts, singing assemblies, church services and performances like the Christmas production and Boreham Proms. We also celebrate children’s music successes in and out of school through our weekly newsletter.

Further Information

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