Health & Wellbeing and Relationships & Sex Education

Health and Wellbeing Curriculum Statement of Intent

At Boreham Primary School, it is our aim to ensure that all children lead happy and healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally. We believe that Health and Wellbeing in school has many benefits that prepare out children for living in our forever-changing world and it is important to us that all children leave Boreham Primary School with a good understanding of healthy lifestyles, relationships and living in the wider word. At Boreham Primary School, we are a friendship school; this means that all children are kind to each other regardless of gender, race, religion or disability. This is well supported by our school moto ‘Hurt body, hurt feelings, tell a grown up’.

Aims and Impact

The Health and Wellbeing curriculum at Boreham Primary School aims to:

 Ensure that children understand the importance of physical and mental wellbeing.

 Ensure that children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

 Enable children to understand and regulate their emotions.

 Support children to understand how to manage change, including puberty, transition and loss.

 Ensure that children develop and maintain a variety of healthy relationships.

 Help children recognise negative relationships, including all forms of bullying and abuse and how to ask for help.

 Encourage children to understand the importance of respecting and protecting the environment.

 Support children to understand where money comes from and how to keep it safe and manage it effectively.

Further Information

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