Meet Our Staff

All members of staff at Boreham Primary School are committed to providing the very best opportunities for each child to thrive and fulfil their potential. They provide a lively and stimulating curriculum where children are encouraged to use their skills of enquiry and problem-solving to become independent and active learners. As Headteacher I cannot praise the staff at Boreham Primary School highly enough, as they all give of their best to the benefit of pupils, parents and the wider community of Boreham.

Teaching Staff

Mr Bowyer


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Richardson Picture.jpg
Mrs Richardson

Class Teacher

Mrs Huntley.jpg
Mrs Huntley

Senior Leadership Team

Inclusion Manager

Miss Hill.jpg
Miss Hill

Deputy Head Teacher & Year 6 Teacher.

Mrs Tate

EYFS Leader and Class Teacher

Mrs Davies.jpg
Mrs Townsend

Class Teacher

Miss Buchanan.jpg
Miss Buchanan

Class Teacher

Mrs Hayes New.jpg
Miss Hayes

Class Teacher

Miss Faltrick.jpg
Miss Falltrick

Class Teacher

Mrs Rolfe

Class Teacher

Mrs Evans

Class Teacher

Mrs Hutley New.jpg
Mrs Hutley

Class Teacher

Mel Ruschen.jpg
Mrs Ruschen

School Counsellor

Mrs Westney.jpg
Mrs Westney

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Mrs Chalk

Class Teacher

Mrs Crooks.jpg
Mrs Crooks

Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bergamini

Senior TA

Mrs Morley.jpg
Mrs Morley
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Smith
Mrs Barron
Mrs Jacob
Mrs Parrott
Miss Bradley
Mrs Hollox
Mrs Mean
Mrs King
Miss Buckingham.jpg
Miss Buckingham
Mrs Jones
Mrs Chunn.jpg
Mrs Chunn
Izzy Hill.jpg
Miss Hills
Miss Robinson - TA.jpg
Miss Robinson
Mr Larking Sports Coach.jpg
Mr Larking
Mrs Boutilier.jpg
Mrs Boutilier

Administrative Staff

Mrs Powell.jpg
Mrs Powell

Business Manager

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Worgan

Finance Assistant

Mrs King

Finance Assistant

Ms Stephens.jpg
Ms Stephens

Attendance and Administration officer

Premises Staff

Mr Smith


Mr Bardrick.jpg
Mr Bardrick

IT Support​

Mr Lagden.jpg
Mr Lagden

IT Support​

Midday Assistants

Mrs Bergamini

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hollox
Mrs Barron
Mrs Jones
Mrs King
Mrs Smith
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Parrott​
Miss Reilly.jpg
Miss Reilly

Kitchen Staff

Cathy Shomade.jpg
Cathy Shomade

Catering Manager

Mrs Malin.jpg
Mrs Malin

Catering Assistant

Mrs Reed - Catering.jpg
Mrs Reed

"Daring to aim high, scale new heights, spread our wings and fly far"