Our School Day

Although routines do vary from time to time and from class to class, the following table gives an example of a typical day for a pupil at Boreham Primary School. Each session will be broken down into different learning experiences and activities.

A printable version of this timetable can be downloaded here

Parents are responsible for their child’s safety at the beginning and end of the school day: Children should not be left unsupervised or play on any of the outside equipment at any point before and after school:

PE Timetable


Please ensure that children with pierced ears are able to remove earrings themselves for P.E. Children who have had their ears pierced recently, or cannot remove them by themselves, will have to miss P.E. which is an important part of the national curriculum. Members of staff are not allowed to remove or tape earrings under current Health and Safety guidelines.


telephone: 01245 467625

Inernet Safety